2018 NCAA Women's Final Four Volunteers

Mar 27th, 2018 - Apr 2nd, 2018

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Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the 2018 Women's Final Four!  

This is your Official Volunteer Portal where you will be able to find out everything you need to know about being a part of the pinnacle event in Women's College Baskeball. Columbus is excited to host its very first NCAA Women's Final Four on March 30 and April 1 at Nationwide Arena.  

Key volunteer information you should know:

1. REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old (prior to their first shift).  Courtesy Car Drivers for the event must be at least 24 years old and not older than age 70. Please make sure to show up to your shifts at least 15 minutes before the official shift start. Additionally, volunteers are required to work three (3) shifts, not including the mandatory volunteer training session.

2. AVAILABILITY: General Volunteer - Beginning March 26 and running through April 1, there are opportunities for all interested volunteers with multiple dates and shifts available.

3. TRAINING: All volunteers are asked to register for an NCAA Women's Final Four training session. Training sessions will be conducted for Tourney Town™ and general volunteer areas. While attending the training session, volunteers will receive specific training related to this event, volunteer uniforms, name badges and more. 

4. PARKING:  Free parking will be provided for all volunteers.  The location of your parking depends on where you will be volunteering and will be broken down during the Volunteer Training Sessions.

5. BENEFITS: Volunteers will receive official 2018 NCAA Women's Final Four apparel that should be worn with tan/khaki pants or skirt and comfortable closed-toe shoes. All volunteers will be invited to a special post-event volunteer appreciation party. Please note that volunteers will not receive special access to purchase game tickets and volunteers will not have access to Nationwide Arena for the semifinals and championship games.


The Columbus Local Organizing Committee (CLOC) requires background screens for all volunteer positions. These background screens are done by an independent third party at NO COST TO YOU. The CLOC does not have access to your personal information.

You will not receive any communication from CLOC if you have passed (“green light”). If you failed (“red light”) the background screen for any reason including an incomplete application you will receive notification. The notification will not include any other information or explanation supporting the determination; however, the notification will include contact information should you want to discuss the results.

If you receive a red-light notification, you will not be able to volunteer and your volunteer assignments will be cancelled. CLOC will not ask you for details or explanations for a red-light notification, and cannot assist you in researching or understanding a red-light notification.

CLOC follows the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) guidelines; a red light (fail) designation results for any of the following:

  • Any felony (any crime punishable by confinement greater than one year)
    • Defined on the basis of exposure for the offense for which the defendant was convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere. If pled down, then the crime to which the defendant ultimately pled.
    • Any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a person
    • Any lesser crime in which sexual relations is an element, including “victimless” crimes of a sexual nature (including pornography).
    • Any lesser crime involving controlled substances (not paraphernalia or alcohol).
    • Any lesser crime involving cruelty to animals

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please click “Register Now!” on the right side of this page to begin your online volunteer registration.

We will keep adding and adjusting volunteer shifts during the next few weeks and will keep you up to date via email.

For further information related to the NCAA Women's Final Four, visit NCAA.com/Womens-Final-Four and ColumbusWFF.com.

Questions/Comments? Please contact us via email, volunteer@columbussports.org